So maybe our beautiful photos haven’t got you quite convinced.  That’s okay, hear about our scrumptious cookies straight from the mouths of our customers!  And then… it’s up to you to be the judge!  If you have a review of our cookies, please send click the contact link and let us know what you think!

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Diana M. – Wilmington, Ca.

Found them on IG and had to try their cookies out! I had the mocha madness with only .7 g of carbs and if you’re keto then you know these are a must!!!! and omg they didn’t last 3 days lol they were sooo soo good! I’ll def be ordering more

Lanai M. – Torrance, Ca.

Amazing cookies. My favorite is still the carrot cake and the mocha, so moist and delicious. 😋

Isabel R. – South Bay, Ca.


We ordered the  Luscious lemon and the first bite made time stop.  OMG.
The cookie was moist, soft and flavorful. The flavor was real! it was just the right amount of Lemon and just the right amount of sweetness. Cookie is topped with a yummy drizzle.
This Keto cookie makes the lifestyle easier to maintain when u need to satisfy that sweet tooth  or even if you don’t follow Keto these cookies are  that good  as is.

Every bite was a “Mmmm… moment”
Definitely will be Re-ordering

Luis G. – Cathedral City, Ca.

These are an incredible delight. Unbelievable that a cookie could be so good and healthy at the same time. Only other cookie that could compare is #usmalecookies, which are not healthy.