We get a lot of questions about our cookies and about keto. So we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions. Aren’t we helpful? 😉

Q: What is keto?

A: So basically, the ketogenic diet consists of a high dietary fat and low carbohydrate intake, with moderate protein. It became popular in the 1920’s due to it’s effectiveness in helping Epileptic patients, but lost popularity after anti-convulsant drugs were created. Long story short, the diet causes your body to go into ketosis, which means you begin to convert fat into energy. Fat stores in your body are released into your bloodstream as well, which also causes you to burn fat.

Q: Why would I want to do a keto diet? I love carbs!

A: We’re not gonna argue with you, carbs DO taste good! The problem is that a modern diet with all of its’ processed food contains a MASSIVE amount of carbs. Unfortunately, in the 1970’s the idea surfaced that fat was the enemy and carbs were a better source of energy. While our experience is purely anecdotal, we have lost a combined 150+ pounds and are still losing weight! There is a lot of science behind the keto diet, but in a nutshell you can expect to lose fat and have more energy compared to a high carb diet. We suggest checking out our keto crash course for all the info on starting keto.

Q: How did you get your cookies to be sweet if you don’t use sugar?

A: We use Swerve brand sweeteners. Their main ingredient is erythritol. While erythritol only has 6% of sugar’s calories, it contains about 70% of sugar’s sweetness. It also doesn’t spike your blood sugar or cause stomach discomfort, like some other sugar-free sweeteners do. For more info on Swerve, check out their website.

Q: I ate a cookie and my mouth feels cool. What gives?

A: That’s the erythritol being endothermic! Something with an endothermic property means it absorbs energy from its surroundings. Heat is energy, so the heat in your mouth gets absorbed by the erythritol. Basically, it’s the same property that makes minty things cool your mouth.

Q: Do your Matcha Monster, Mocha Madness and Cappuccino Chip cookies have caffeine?

A: Only what is naturally occurring in these ingredients! We do not add caffeine to our cookies. As an example, our Matcha Madness cookie has approximately 15mg of caffeine per cookie, so don’t expect to be bouncing off the walls! However, if you are sensitive to caffeine, we would recommend to try one of our other delicious flavors.

Q: Your cookies seem kinda expensive. Why?

A: Compared to cookie cafes you see in shopping malls such as Nestlé or Mrs. Fields, our cookies are actually cheaper by the dozen! Even though we use PREMIUM ingredients compared to these other mass-produced cookies, we are able to keep costs down. You are buying a small-batch, direct from the baker cookie, so you save!

Q: Can you ship to me?

A: Not yet, we will have nationwide shipping up in the future! But for now, our cookies are available for pick up in the Torrance, CA area only.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Currently, only cash, Paypal and check. We will accept credit cards in the future, we are working on it!

Q: Do you have a [Insert flavor here] cookie?

A: We are literally doing R&D every day. We have a large catalog of flavors that will be released as time goes on. If you don’t see a particular flavor you like, just ask!