About Us

If you are following our blog, you already know a little bit about us!

If not let, then let us introduce ourselves!

Being foodies, we both find it hard to pass up a good meal. Eating became more of a hobby for us than a necessity. After almost a decade of togetherness, we were happy with each other but not happy with our bodies. Our struggles with weight gain and weight loss are like most people. You lose weight, you gain weight. In the end you are right back where you started.  Enter the ketogenic diet. Since discovering it in 2018 our lives have been changed and we have lost a combined 150 pounds!

Exercise is half the battle, the other half is what you put in your body. Without getting too preachy, we believe that a low-carb lifestyle is the body’s natural state. Long ago, we were not eating piles of carbohydrates (wheat, grains, sugar) every day. Dietary fat, protein and small amounts of carbohydrates made up our hunter-gatherer ancestor’s diets.

After trying all of the big brand ideas of low-carb treats. We looked to smaller names to get our sweet fix. Unfortunately, these were lacking too. We’ve always been big believers in making your dreams come true. If you can’t find what you want, make it!

SO. Long story short, we are Cookie Rebellion.

We’re excited to introduce our vision and our treats with the world.

What we’re not excited about are the typical low flavor, high-carb sweets that have overrun the baked goods game. We’re done with the dry, weird tasting “healthy” snacks that serve as our only alternatives.

Being healthy should never mean giving up flavor!

It’s time to bring some taste to keto sweets.