So you’ve decided to join the rebellion, eh? Listen up.

Cookie Rebellion offers a reprieve from the same old ordinary, boring, carb-filled cookie.ย  Our cookies are not MASS PRODUCED, OVER COMMERCIALIZED, COOKIE CUTTER (pun intended) cracker-dry junk!ย  Well, just take a look!ย  Our cookies are indeed the opposite.ย  They are deliciously moist, keto friendly and best of all, they are available in all sorts of fun flavors!

We are a fully licensed and permitted Cottage Food operation which means that we bake out of our home (we do not have a storefront).ย  All orders are placed online and are are available for pick-up at our home in West Torrance on a designated day and time (see our orderย and FAQs pages for more information).ย  We hope to very soon be atย your local Farmer’s Market as well.

We are family owned and all of our cookies are hand made. Every single cookie that comes out of our kitchen is something we want to eat ourselves… and we do!ย  But not all of them, because then we couldn’t share them with you!

After throwing our minds (and maybe a little of our sanity) into research, development and delicious taste testing, we are now ready to unleash these treats onto the world. Everything we make is made to order from fresh ingredients.

While these cookies might remind you of the home made cookies you had as a kid, these ain’t your granny’s cookies! We worked harder than ever to cram as much flavor into these babies as possible and still fit within your macros.

PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. Give us a 48 hour notice with your order. We really want to get you cookies as fast as possible. But we still work full-time jobs and our bosses wouldn’t like us if we left work to make cookies!

Wanna know more about us? Hit “About Us“. Intrigued and want to see what we are dishing out? Hit our Menu. Ready to order, or just want to hit us up? Slam that Contact link!